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Welcome to Alegría’s room. A large contented cloud with rosy cheeks welcomes us to the magical world of reality, silently observes the two friends who perched on the window lift the skirts to all who dare to cross their path, do so without malice the very rogue , but they don’t cut a hair and entertain them by pimping everything and more. It seems to me that they are like a cowbell, although it is true that it must be hard to endure the inclement weather with that glatant, malicious smile that draw their heads on those orondes of pitcher being housed. Joy looks at us from his great tree, moves his hair in the wind and keeps the rest of everyone who decides to enter his humble abode, abode of flowers and fresh grass, adour of smiles and hugs, simple and endearing abode, your abode.

Artist: Eva Armisen