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Welcome to the room of the sun, in it the birds nest at their wide offering us magical shadows that we do not know very well if they are ours or borrowed. The branches of the tree of keys keepers of dreams, breaks and projects greet you with joy and caution … the caution of which he hopes to be enjoyed. Light, lights in open bar cages, to live without obligations, for taste, because yes. Turning around the skein you will find the merry-go-round wardrobe, which displays its table so that you can tell your secrets and your encounters to those who in the distance remember on the pleasant days you visit us. And when the sun gives its truce to the day, the moon is deposited on a playful shelf giving us its brightness, its softness and whispers in a very short voice, so that the rest is full in the company of the owl ulular or the dialogues of the wind.

Artist: Soivi Nikula